Conexio BLITZ Board Definition Files

Before we can compile and flash the application firmware to the BLITZ device, we need to gather a few files for this board. First, we need to install the board definition files or the board’s devicetree in the ZephyrRTOS. Zephyr utilizes devicetree to describe the hardware available on its supported Boards, as well as that hardware’s initial configuration. An introduction to the devicetree is well documented here.

Fetching Conexio BLITZ Board Definition Files

BLITZ developers are asked to directly download the board files in zip format below extract/unzip, and copy the conexio_blitz folder and place it in the NCS directory:

Device Tree for nRF SDK v2.6.0


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You should now see a folder named conexio_blitz among other supported board files. Using the board target as conexio_blitz_cpuapp you can now build Zephyr applications for the BLITZ board.

└── ncs/
    └── v2.6.0/
        ├── zephyr/
        │   └── boards/
        │       └── arm/
        │           ├── ...
        │           ├── ...
        │           ├── conexio_blitz
        │           └── ...
        ├── bootloader
        ├── modules
        ├── nrf
        ├── tools
        ├── toolchain
        └── ...

Download the BLITZ Board Definition Files from Git repo

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Patch MCUBoot file for Stratus Pro Board

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