nRF Connect LTE Link Monitor

LTE Link Monitor is an essential tool when it comes to debugging the cellular network connectivity and status.

To install the LTE Link Monitor:

  1. Open the nRF Connect for Desktop app.

  2. Find the LTE Link Monitor in the list of apps and click Install.

  3. Once the app is installed, launch it by clicking Open.

Build and flash the at_client sample application to the Stratus dev kit. The AT Client sample acts as a proxy for sending directives to the nRF9160 modem via AT commands. This facilitates the reading of responses or analyzing of events related to the nRF9160 modem.

Connect the Stratus kit to the USB port, then uncheck (1) Show only supported devices, (2) Flow control, and click on the (3) SELECT DEVICE drop-down list.

Then from the connected devices list, click on the CP2101N USB to UART Bridge which is for the Conexio Stratus device.

Once selected, under MODEM PORT, choose tty/SLAB_USBtoUART port. In the terminal window of the LTE Link Monitor, you should see Modem port is opened message being printed. Stratus device is now successfully connected to the link monitor app.

To interact with the nRF9160 modem and initiate a network connection, click (1) AT command, then (2) AT+CFUN=1, followed by AT+CFUN?. These AT commands turn on the modem and start the network connection procedure with the cell tower. You should see all the commands that are sent to the modem in the terminal as shown below. Once the modem completes the network handshake procedure, you will see the stats and the name of the connected network on the left-hand pane.

Now you can explore other features of the LTE Link Monitor. Read more on viewing and sending AT commands at the Nordic Semi infocenter.

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