newtmgr Setup

Flashing the Firmware through USB

You will be required to flash a new firmware to your Conexio Stratus device in one of the following cases:

  • Developing and testing the application firmware (e.g. adding features to the application firmware or bug fixes)

  • Updating the nRF91 modem firmware (e.g. updating the main modem core firmware)

  • Updating the device bootloader firmware.

To do so successfully, follow these steps.

Installing SiLab USB VCP Drivers

To recognize the Conexio Stratus COM port properly by your machine, first, download and install the respective driver software for your machine from usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers.


newtmgr is an image management tool that can be used to interact with the bootloader and images on the device. newtmgr will be used to load the application firmware via the USB serial interface to the Stratus device. For full details on the newtmgr tool and the entire command set, see the official newtmgr documentation.

newtmgr will be used to load the application firmware via the USB serial interface to the Stratus device.

Installing newtmgr

For details on installing the newtmgr tool on your operating system of choice see:

If the above macOS installation does not work, follow these simple steps to get the newtmgr up and running.

Download the above-zipped folder, extract, and place the newtmgr executable inside the directory: /usr/local/bin/.

/usr/local/bin/ is normally hidden. To view, it go to MAC OS HDD and inside here press command+shift+. to view the hidden usr folder.

Then navigate to usr/local/bin. After doing the above steps, in the terminal when you will issue the command: which newtmgr should display: /usr/local/bin/newtmgr.

Connection Profiles

The newtmgr tool works with connection profiles, such as serial, depending on how you wish to communicate with the device under test.

Before you can use newtmgr to program your Conexio Stratus kit, you will need to set up at least one connection profile, as described below, making it easier to update your device whenever needed. Open a terminal window and enter the following command:

newtmgr conn add serial type=serial connstring="dev=COM5,baud=115200"

Make sure that the COM port on Windows matches the one attached to the Stratus DK.

newtmgr conn show
Connection profiles:
  serial: type=serial, connstring='dev=/dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART,baud=115200'

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